LOOM opened in Milan in 2015 with a special focus on young and emerging artists.

Following the evolution of its international program and its participation in art fairs and museum exhibitions,
the gallery expanded its scope to work with mid-career and established artists,
including Vadim Fishkin, David Horvitz, Jonathan Monk, Francisco Ugarte and Ignacio Uriarte.

Following on from this, LOOM also regularly collaborates with artist archives and estates including
Patrick Angus, Enrico Castellani, Jan Dibbets, Willy de Sauter, Peter Downsbrough, Paul Gees,
Annamaria Gelmi, Helmut Newton, Man Ray, Endre Tót.

Focusing its research on minimalism and conceptual art,
LOOM aims to propagate this current and help expand its vocabulary by
contextualising it with contemporary languages and wides modes of expression.